Find Your Body’s General by Lynsie Buteyn

My body’s general is named Romni. I met him during a mediation I did in response to being frustrated by my constant infection acquisition. He told me that he sees my body as a sort of “spaceship” trying to sustain its life in foreign terrain. I asked how I could support him in his mission; he gave me a list of vitamins/foods to consume in response. He also discussed how my emotions and thoughts get in the way of him doing his job, explaining that the more I feel I don’t have a place in a world that often feels quite foreign to me, the more energy I lose. It would be easier, he said, if I just assumed I had a place in this world, even if I had not found it quite yet.

Since then I have felt that I have a working relationship with my body’s general and I can tell him what I think he should focus on fixing in my body. In response, he tells me what I should do to help him do that, and, in the end, it’s a successful meeting of leaders. We both find we feel like we have a little more control in life. The full meditation can be found in the Reclaim Your Health Program, but in the meantime there is no risk in closing your eyes in a quiet room and asking to meet your body’s general.


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