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Why We can’t Turn Away From Reality

“The first step in the interior life…is unlearning our wrong ways of seeing, tasting, feeling, and so forth, and acquire a few of the right ones. Renunciation is not an end in itself. It helps us to use things better. It helps us to give them away. If reality revolts us, if we merely turn away from it in disgust, to whom shall we sacrifice it? How shall we consecrate it? How shall we make of it a gift to God and to men?”- Thomas Merton

In my mind, Merton is speaking about the comfort of burying our heads in the sand when we don’t like what we see in the world around us. The problem with this is then nothing can change. When we allow ourselves to feel what upsets us, and see what revolts us, we can begin to understand that it is a symptom of a deep need within ourselves, another, or society. Then we begin to know how to give-up what ultimately harms us and make it sacred.

Victims of GOP Healthcare Bill

New GOP Bill Passes Through Congress



“With Medicaid reductions and smaller tax credits, this bill would clearly result in fewer people insured than under the ACA,” said Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “The House GOP proposal seeks to reduce what the federal government spends on health care, and that inevitably means more people uninsured.”



Have Faith

Angels Speak

Have faith in your journey
because if you mend your soul
and are true to your spirit’s callings,
the steps to your future will become clear

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Patient Warning for Healthgrades Website

safe_imagePatient warning: we can not recommend health grades website as a way to determine a doctor’s competency. There have been many inaccuracies reported with this site.…/anatomy-of-a-tragedy-and-healthgrad…/