Healing Notes Outreach Program

Who We Serve 
The Healing Notes Outreach project serves patients who are facing a crisis. The project’s mission is to distribute handmade cards with a nature totem that acts as a symbol for a particular quality or concept that can transform the experience of illness from a burden to a teacher.


IMG_0617 (1)How It Works                                                                                                                               Too often patients are seen as helpless victims, but everybody has purpose: we help patients reclaim it through art, sharing, and hope. Each patient will pick a symbol, read its message, draw it, and then share parts of their story in a card for another person in crisis. While we create art, we share strategies to survive crisis and lessons learned so that each greeting card created becomes a symbol of one’s empowerment through adversity that is then given to another patient in crisis.  

Want to Show Support for Someone in Crisis?                                                                                     Bridges to Patent Empowerment can mail a person in crisis a healing note appropriate for the specific crises. Instead of sending a flowers or  a gift, give a person going through a transition or crisis something far more valuable while supporting a good cause. Some of the crises we have specific cards for are:  Health crisis, a new diagnosis, surgery, injury, failed IVF, miscarriage, Divorce/ end of a relationship, a loss of a loved one. We also have cards for transitions like: Graduation, a new job, a move, or some other change. We also have cards to appreciate and show support for care givers. We ask for a suggested donation of 10.00 for hand crafted cards and 6.00 for printed copies of handcrafted cards, but a donation is never required. We are here to help and serve! Each card will state who referred them if a donation was made on their behalf. This program is, in essence, like sending a hand crafted prayer or message of inspiration to someone facing a challenge that will be valued much more than flowers.  To request a card, please click here 

Sample Card:

IMG_0526Crow energy reminds us of all we can’t fully understand in life. These mysteries can encompass the loss of a loved one, a failed procedure, an accident, an illness, a broken promise, or a relationship that didn’t survive but should have. In all instances of loss, the crow symbolizes the inability to attain something we desperately wanted. Disappointment with a person, the world, God, or even ourselves can run thick during these times, but don’t forget that another one of life’s mysteries is its magic. This magic may take the form of a rainbow when a sign is needed, or a song that plays at just the right moment. Whether we see this magic as a miracle from God or simply good fortune is unimportant because the crow just wants us to notice both the obvious and subtle forms of it. Magic can consist of a scientific discovery, inspiration that offers new solutions, the cellular dance that allows for life, or simply peace with what is. The crow won’t help you understand magic, but it will bring you a little bit of it to remind you that magic lives within and outside of you. All you have to do is look for it.

The inside of the card will say: This card was painted for you by a person who faced and survived a crisis. Your friend____made a donation on your behalf to help empower people in crisis. 

The back of the card or an insert states: This card was made through the Healing Notes Outreach Program–a service provided by Bridges to Patient Empowerment–a (501 (c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to help inspire and empower patients who faced a crisis in health, body, or life. The message on each card was written by Lynsie B.–a patient with chronic illness. Lynsie founded this program to help inspire others facing a health or life crisis. The artwork on the card was made special for you by another person who has faced a life or health challenge. Through the process of creating the symbol on the card, each patient integrates its message and is able to share the triumphs and challenges within the journey of illness with others through their own personal messages in the card. The art then becomes a way to connect with others in crisis without ever having to meet. All artwork produced through the program is donated to BTPE, and each card will bear the name and information (if desired) about the artist. This allows for another level of healing to occur, as a large part of surviving crisis is telling one’s story. For more information, please visit bridgestopatientempowerment.org © Bridges to Patient Empowerment 

Why The Healing Notes Outreach Project Is Powerful
Art is a transformational process for the creator and the viewer. It is a nonthreatening and nonverbal form of communication that can convey the artist’s energy with each shape and color more easily than words alone. This project is especially valuable to children who often do not have the verbal skills needed to express their feelings adequately. Studies have suggested that art is beneficial in helping people to work through their feelings over life and death matters. The act of creating the cards will help people to further integrate the message of each totem. Groups that meet to create the cards can also benefit from connecting and sharing tools and resources that have helped in the journey.

How The Healing Notes Outreach Program Came to Be
The Healing Notes Outreach Program was created by Lynsie––a patient with a life threatening, chronic illness. She found that when she was in a health crisis, typical “get well” cards did not give her the emotional and spiritual support that she needed and even served to frustrate due to her inability to get well. In working with other patients that had similar issues, she realized there was a need for cards that inspired people in times of crisis. Lynsie founded BTPE to help empower patients during these times and wrote unique messages for each totem that dealt with the different themes she faced during her crises.

Where you Can Buy our Cards to Support Patients and our Art Program

IMG_4669.JPGYou can also buy our cards at National Jewish gift store


All artwork produced is donated to BTPE, and each card will bear the name and story (if desired) of the artist.



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