How BTPE Began

Bridges to Patient Empowerment (BTPE) formed through the vision of by Lynsie––a patient that has struggled with severe chronic illness since childhood. Having a rare disease that was difficult to diagnose, multiple organs affected, and one that could end her life at any time has given her first hand experience of the gamut of emotions and trials the chronically ill face in all the different phases of severe illness.

She experienced how miscommunication in the health care setting, lack of  adequate support (both inside and outside  of the hospital), and ineffective healthcare policies often made the journey of illness harder than it should be. Lynsie’s dream was to take her experience and do something to give patients with chronic illness the support she wished she had.

Through years of studying healthcare systems, ethics, advocacy, nutrition, crisis counseling and health and wellness practices, as well as serving as part of an ethics committee, hospital chaplaincy provider, and patient advocate, Lynsie founded Bridges to Patient Empowerment to help inspire patients with chronic illness to find ways to improve their lives and disease management strategies.

She joined with other dedicated health professionals and members of the community who were also passionate about seeing change in patient care. In developing the various programs that Bridges to Patient Empowerment provides, she networked with Dr. Garrett and Dr. Silberman who worked with her in developing strategies and tools to help medically complex patients survive the medical system and get the care they deserve.



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