How BTPE Began


My name is Lynsie and I am chronically ill with a life threatening illness. To serve, I started a non-profit, Bridges to Patient Empowerment (BTPE). BTPE is an interfaith organization that helps patients and their loved ones transform adversity and the experience of crisis through inspiration, education, and art. We serve to transform the experience of crisis and illness from one of disempowerment to empowerment by letting it become one’s greatest teacher. We accomplish this mission through online/phone ministry, educational resources, and by going into various hospitals to work with patients and care givers to create art for cards that connect people in crisis to one another. During these events we have each participant pick a symbol they resonate with. Each symbol has a specific message about the journey of change that we talk about while we create art for a new card. While each participant receives a card made by another patient, the new card they made will go on to another patient they do not know. By doing this program, patients are supported to help other patients through art and sharing aspects of their own story with another person about how they survived a difficult time. I started this program because I believe that everyone needs purpose. When someone has a chronic/ life threatening illness, he or she often feels helpless to serve others. Healthcare systems inadvertently institute policies that promote this feeling and patients are at risk of falling into a victim mentality. However, BTPE combats this by empowering patients to know that their helplessness is an illusion. We empower patients to realize that having an illness and surviving crisis gives one a unique perspective to help serve the world and teach others. We create cards that inspire during challenging times because surviving life threatening illness or crises is a constant practice of connecting to spirit, finding balance, integrating all aspects of your life. and creating unity within and without.

For current information for managing your healthcare and to keep update on health events,  check out our tweets at@patient_empower or our Facebook page (click links on right)

Find out more about Bridge’s different programs below:



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