Say Something Meaningful When You Don’t Know What To Say

Politics or the state of the world got someone you know down? Do you want to send a message to the fighters of this world to keep going? Buy our newest card the GARRETT resists card. 

The Inside Reads:    

We don’t notice the flicker of a candle in a bright room. It is only in the darkness that the light becomes apparent, and it only takes a single flame to open our spirit to prayer, meditation, or reflection. It is the same with virtues: just a little love, hope, wisdom, courage, faith, or act of kindness can light up a room that has been absent of these virtues and ultimately open the way to peace and understanding. You are a light in this world and your flame makes a difference. Keep burning bright to resist the darkness.

candle             This card is dedicated to Dr. Garrett a man who has been a light in the lives of everyone he meets. 



Flower-lynsie.jpgPlease help support Bridges to Patient Empowerment and say something meaningful in times of crisis by buying a Healing Note greeting card. You can also expresses gratitude for those that have helped during times of crisis with these cards. 

Some of the crisis situations these cards serve are as follows:
Car accident
Death of a loved one
Illness or serious medical complication

As well as times of transformation:
Job change
Moves of all kinds

Who We Serve and Why

Healing Note’s mission is to create cards that serve a need for saying something meaningful during difficult times. All cards have an animal or nature totem that act as a symbol for a particular quality or concept that can transform the experience of a crisis from a burden to a teacher. When someone receives a Healing Note, he or she will know that the picture on it was hand drawn by another person who has faced a similar crisis. The write-up inside each card will give an inspiring message about the energy that each totem shares during a challenging time, and how it emotionally and spiritually can help in one’s own unique experience.


Healing Notes
Healing Notes were created by Lynsie––a patient with a life threatening, chronic illness. She found that typical “get well” cards did not give her the emotional and spiritual support that she needed during a health challenge, and even served to frustrate due to her inability to get well. In working with other patients that had similar issues, she realized there was a need for cards that inspired people in times of crisis. Lynsie founded BTPE to help empower patients during these times and wrote unique messages for each totem that dealt with the different themes she faced during her crises. She then enlisted a local artist to help her share messages that increase spiritual well-being during challenging times.

How You Can Help Support Patient Empowerment
Healing Notes and other programs run by Bridges to Patient Empowerment are funded through selling the prints of some of the artwork on cards created by people in crisis. The selection of totems serve to inspire in many different times of challenge, as well as in times of transformation. Healing Notes also meets the needs of patients that want a meaningful way to thank their care providers or others that were there during difficult times.

To order a Healing Notes card please pay through paypal and then email us on the type of crisis you would like this card to speak to at  and let us know where you would like the card sent.

Please feel free to email any questions about products.

The Saint Teresa of Avila Collection. Each card will have a flower on it. The inside of card will read:“Imagine the soul as resembling a castle formed of a diamond or crystal, and containing many rooms, in the midst of them all is a principle chamber where God and the soul hold their most secret intercourse. The gate to enter this castle is prayer and meditation.”
–St. Teresa of Avil

Please remember that we can tailor a message to be appropriate for any crisis situation. email for a list of all messages that can tailored or customized to the needs of the occasion.

Check out  a sample: flower-cover and inside

To purchase a card from any collection, order and pay through paypal now. The cards are  $5.00 each this includes shipping as we will mail it and write customized messages for you. Buy Now Button


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